Zero Hour

by Masonique

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“When life ain’t right, things ignite”

This is a song about ascendency. Putting aside the novelty of nostalgic obsessions and making way for the future. Transferring power to younger generations and undervalued communities instead of amassing wealth and influence for the historically privileged. Treating life like a relay race instead of a cage fight. 

The world is burning and there are only two paths before us; reconciliation or destruction. From climate change to inequality we can either embrace an equitable strategy for this planet and each other, or continue to engage in an unsustainable cycle of exploitation and intolerance, condemning the future to dust. Like it or not there is no turning back. We have crossed the threshold and this is zero hour. Choose your path wisely.


Hold the door open
I'm coming through
Hope you know where
you're going to

There’s nothing here for me
So I'll follow you

If you tire
I'll take the wheel
and pull us through

That little voice
deep beneath the fray
That tiny arrow
‘tween night and day

Point the way
We need something new

If we slide
hope to find
you'll follow through

When life ain’t right
Things ignite
Though fed on scraps
We don’t lose sight
We save our strength
For the fight
Bound by what
We know is right

When the day comes
We’ll seize the light

Hold the door open x 4
I'm coming through

Hold the door open x 4
I'm coming through

There’s nothing here for me
So I'll follow you
I'll follow you


released October 23, 2020
Vocals & Synths: Ron Mason Gassaway
Synth Bass: Gerry Hathaway
Percussion: Daniel Morris

Written by Ron Mason Gassaway

Produced and Engineered by
Ron Mason Gassaway


all rights reserved



Masonique Portland, Oregon

"Masonique is music with the future in mind, fusing the hypnotic explorations of krautrock with the synthetic melodies of synthpop and the seductive swagger of glam.

Like a Scorsese directed prize fight between the heady pomp of Roxy Music and the savage dub of PiL, with Gary Numan as the announcer and John Peel as the referee."
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